Edition #174

-silverspidertm2: Deluge In the Wasteland Part 2 (Bruce/Talia, Jason; PG-13)
-kuyeng_thl: Mafia!AU Drabble Set (AU, Jason/Tim; PG-13)
-saavikam77: Through A Mirror Part 1/5 (Jason/Tim/Dick; R)
-alocin42: Silent Comedy (external) (Joker/Harley, M, NSFW)
-bradygirl_12: Shadow-Chased (Bruce/Dick; PG-13)
-kuyeng_thl: Tumblr Fills (Various [Mainly Jason/Tim]; PG-13)
-2bnallegory: Security Is A Cape (Child!Bruce; G)
-kittymayhem: Inner Child Havoc IV (Clark/Bruce, John/Wally (platonic); G)
-necchan: The Astronaut's Wife (Jason/Tim; Heavy R)

Icons & Graphics
-paraliptic: 11 DC Icons

Edition #173

-batfic_contest: "Veteran" Voting! (DEADLINE: November 13, at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time))
-worlds_finest: World's Finest Gift Exchange

-comic_art: Superbat

-bradygirl_12: Wings Of Angels Trilogy: Book II: Healing (2/2) (Bruce/Dick, Clark, Ellie Morrison; R)
-Clark/Bruce Drabbles (External)
-lectoreloise: A Brief Summery of Notable Historical Tragedies, as Experienced by Iason and Timotheous
-cycnus39: Gotham Serenade (Bruce/Clark, Joker, Harley Quinn, Oracle, Huntress, Harvey Dent, Edward Nigma, Zatanna, Alfred; Adult)

-worlds_finest: Weekly Discussion #002 - Favorite Character
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Edition #172

Sorry it's been so long. Life happens. If you'd like to be an editor, please let me know, as this does get overwhelming.

- misaki_kaito: (Drabble) Butler ((pre-slash Clark/Bruce, Gotham/Thomas Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne Manor; G)
-kuyeng_thl: Enter the Pit (Jason/Tim; PG-13)
-lectoreloise: I'm Not Really An Angel (Crossover; Tim Drake/Talia al Ghul)
- me_ya_ri: Lair (Jason/Tim, Bruce/Selina; PG-13)
- kuyeng_thl: Ten Pit!Verse Drabbles (Jason/Tim; PG-13)
- necchan: The Lazarus Pit: Tim's Side (Jason/Tim; R)
- bradygirl_12: Wings Of Angels Trilogy: Book II: Healing (1/2) (Bruce/Dick, Clark, Alfred, Ellie Morrison, Maura Mulvaney, Reva Berry, Kyle McLachlan; G)
-trista_zevkia: Platonic, part 5: The Art of the Possible (Clark/Bruce; PG-17)
-orlidepp: Bats/Cats Stories (Batman/Catwoman; Ranging from G-R [listed accordingly])

- jasonheartsdick: General Discussion

New communities
- jasonheartsdick: This is a community celebrating the (sometimes terrifying) relationship between Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.
- tdkrises_fic: The Dark Knight Rises fanfic community

- hqhaven: Harley Quinn Redesign Postcard Protest
- jasontodd: Jason Todd Kink!Meme
- batfic_contest: Posting Reminder for the "Veteran" theme

- evilgrins: Batman/Catwoman

- saltheria: Suicide Squad 3
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22 June 2011

-rai_daydreamer: Superman/Batman; NC-17
-rai_daydreamer: Superman, Batman Card

-(EXTERNAL): The Fearsome Drakes: The Friendship (Dick/Tim; PG-13)
-mithen: Glow (Superman/Batman; NC-17)
-misaki_kaito: Fangirl (Bruce/Clark; G)
-misaki_kaito: Snowball Fight (Bruce/Clark, Tim/Kon, Dick/Babs, Damien, Cassandra, Kara/Stephanie; G)
me_ya_ri: Everywhere We Go (Jason/Tim; G)
-bradygirl_12: By-The-Sea VIII: Early Morning Symphony (1/1) (Bruce/Clark; PG-13)
-rileyc: Some Heavenly Star-Spangled Night (Bruce/Clark; PG-13)
-rileyc: Before This Dance Is Through (Bruce, Clark; PG-13)
-brokaw22: Slowwing (Tim, Nightwing; T)
-brokkaw22: Assassin-Trained Robins Part III (Jason, Damian; T)

-artbombs: 100 DC Comics Icons
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20 June 2011

-rai_daydreamer: Bruce/Clark (PG)

-endlove: Whole Truths and No Lies (Tim/Jason, Tim/Kon; R)
-endlove: Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice (Jason/Kon, Tim/Kon; NC-17)
-misaki_kaito: Metropolis Schemes (Metropolis, Gotham, Bruce, Clark; G)
-niftywithan: A Typical Holiday ( Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Cassandra Cain, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth; PG)
-lame_liz: Time Will Tell (Bruce/Wally; T)
-queen0fcups: In This Balance of Time (Bruce/Clark; PG)
-silveronthetree: Fine Feathers (Tim/Kon; T)
-animegoil: Only One Can Wear the Crown (Terry, Bruce, presence of Dick; PG)
-dragonbat2006: Of Course, a Cape’s Date Never Does Run Smooth (Tim/Tam; PG)
-irrelevant: Not Quite So New (Tim Drake, Dick Grayson; G)

-rijsg: 80 DC Comics Icons
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17 June 2011

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Mod Post

gotham_times is reopening its doors, though it will likely only be posted in once every two days due to lack of internet access at my new house. Anyway, if you would like to be an editor, comment this post. Thanks for bearing with us through the year-long hiatus and I will try to post as many links as possible.