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for daily batman related updates
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for daily batman related updates
Welcome to gotham_times. This community was created for the sole purpose of linking Batman related articles/news in one place, so that you do not need to join multiple communities which clog your f-list with the same stories/graphics repeatedly.

Please note that this community will not link to locked posts, as certain subscribers may not wish to join a community or add a user in order to view the content. I would like to cater to the readers' best interests. Some of the things we will link to, however, include:
-Fanfiction over 500 words in length
-Graphics (Icons, Banners, Layouts, etc.)
-Meta and Discussion
-Fan-created Videos
-Information regarding fic/graphic challenges

All versions of Batman are "game" here at gotham_times (Golden Age, Silver Age, Modern Age) including, but not limited to:
-DC Comics Version (originally by Bob Kane & Bill Finger)
-Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
-Batman (1989) (Tim Burton)
-Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan)
-1960 Television Series

It takes work to compile the links but, being a fan-created effort, I enjoy it. However, if you are interested in helping out, you can do so at the following links.
-Submit a Batman-Related Community
-Submit a Link to Be Included In A Future Update

Additionally, the links are compiled throughout the day in posts and comments to gotham_bot so, if you are interested in being an additional help, please leave a comment in the public post at the journal for gotham_bot or in the most recent post in this community. As of 24 July 2008, links are compiled at del.icio.us. If you would like to submit a link in an alternate way than commenting, tag the post on del.icio.us with for:gotham_times.


If you are interested in affiliating, comment here or in the most recent post.
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batmanunlimited - a new Batman fan community with moderated posting
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